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tresse singapore

Modern Tactility

With technology being our main medium of interaction, sleek polished surfaces turn into a familiarity with our feeling of touch. The absence of gradients and textures produces a barrier that dulls our connection to our daily interactions. However, it is these pretty sensations that increase sentiments to our life. The comfortable breeze on our faces, the warmth of morning rays, and even the tough exterior of untreated Wooden; all feeling of touch is embedded in our memories. It is thru this feeling we link With all the individuals around us. The non-public practical experience of contact may be the language of Tresse and also the driving force at the rear of our solutions.

The Craft Of Leather-based

Drawing from decades of experience during the leather-based trade, Tresse’s flawlessly crafted equipment are developed to face up to the take a look at of time and transcend the typical boundaries of favor for an aesthetic that is definitely unaffected by tendencies. Our knowledge of leather-based is translated into specifically developed weaves realized in strong vegetable tanned goatskin leather-based accompanied by supple and easy hairsheep skin leather-based interiors, a fabric generally useful for exteriors. This unusual mixture of leathers can only be achieved with personal familiarity with how various textures do the job in harmony with one another, to produce beautiful extras for Girls and Males.

The gathering is deeply motivated and influenced by features drawn from diverse cultures and heritage. The idea of the weave retains a number of meanings for a variety of cultures. The symbolism at the rear of Every single weave pattern incorporates someone significance to precise crafts embedded in historical past. Combined with our abilities in leather procedures and procedures, we add a contemporary twist to patterns derived from the previous. We believe that the craft of leather-based weaving is greatest preserved inside our equipment through adaptive style and design and most appreciated in the senses.

Layout & Details

Just about every design and style is diligently regarded with thoughtful development behind Just about every item. Each piece is created to replicate an consideration to craft with perfect proportions to make a contemporary hunt for fashion mindful people.

We feel that all fantastic solutions have a combination of utility and style and design attributes. Tresses’s selection of leather components is no exception. Our equipment are designed with quick access compartments, card slots and vital rings that enable brief and hassle-free obtain for all those over the transfer. Moreover possessing an immediately recognizable seem by using our signature weaves, We now have created leather components that are not only functional but also intricate, abnormal and delightful.

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